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Friday, December 21, 2012

Pinterest and Covers

Pinterest and Covers, I've been working on Pinterest, and I finally have all my books up. Some books don't have any art, not because I don't have any in my files, but because I've lifted them off the web and don't want to pin unless I had permission...a lot of the scenery/settings are my own photographs.

This leads me to covers. I put up Echoes In The Dark (what I wanted to call Singer for the World), and it irritated me all over again. The heroine, Jikata, is supposed to be sophisticated, voluptuous, exotic, and I get this stick-girl figure on the cover. You can't even see her face. Not at all like the Japanese-American/Asian beauties I sent my editor, had been looking at, or that awesome Mariah Carey ad a while back. Not even like the character I made in City of Heroes.

I think this is my least favorite cover, and since I had to squeeze two books into one (or, more accurately, four heroines -- since I had the twins in Keepers of the Flame -- into two books), and I didn't get the title I wanted, I never felt as good about Echoes in the Dark as I think I should be.

My second least favorite is, as many dislike it, Heart Journey. I am not a big fan of yellow-green (I have a friend who can't abide teal, I don't know why, because teal is a perfectly lovely color). I'll let you all figure out why you might not like Heart Journey, but I'm just not fond of Raz's face (again not like my City of Heroes pics).

And covers really do affect me, as an author. If I don't like the cover, it doesn't go out to contests, I don't promote the book as much. I like the story of Heart Journey, I worked as hard on it as any other book. I really liked the older-woman younger-man set up. I loved Verde Valley and the twist about the maps. I liked what happened to Del near the ending. And Raz and Del are secondary characters in Heart Fortune and I STILL like them. It's too bad that my feeling about that book is marred by the cover.

And, yes, I LOVE Heart Fortune's cover, and Feral Magic's.

How do you all feel?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't like the cover of Heart Journey very much either but over the years I have read some really great stories with really poor cover art. I have learned to discount bad art to the point of forgetting it. I liked Del's story so much, I'm sorry to hear you let the irrelevant cover influence your feelings about your own work.

9:04 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thanks, Anon. I DO like that story.

9:25 PM  

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