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Friday, December 07, 2012


City of Heroes is gone. I copied most, but not all of my characters, ditto with screenshots of them. I keep thinking I can go on and make a new heroine to see how she might look and act, or how buff I should make my hero. No go.

Here's the place I kept coming back to in the last days:

This is the memorial to Cyrus Thompson. He was a retired hero in danger in one of the missions and you always arrived just in time to see him die, too late to save him.


Cyrus Oliver Thompson

Heroes May Die,
But Heroism Never Shall

I kept getting kicked off of Virtue server with my main character, Risha, so I went over to the one I made who looked the most like me, FantasyWriter, on Triumph server, so I would last to the end. And I, we, did.

FantasyWriter is dancing as the game froze and died, the last shot:

That is her pet clockwork behind her.

And this is the full screen of those I was with.

Most of us danced under the statue of Atlas, the girl in pigtails was spamming Heals at us (the green circles), and some were holding torches, especially on the steps of City Hall in Atlas Park. The torches are to keep the faith that somehow the game will live on, or the community will be renewed.

Merry meet and merry part and may the wonderful community meet again.


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