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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do You Have Your Author Card 2

Do you have your author card, 2nd edition. :)

If you've been following me, you've seen that I've been doing some historical research (yes, for a paranormal series). I've been to the Denver Public Library, and shooting off emails to Wyoming about the Pony Express.

I've been using my robin AT robindowens dot com email addy, and the signature states "2011 Rocky Mtn Fiction Writer of the Year" which I think really gives me some credibility, even, ahem, since I write fantasy and fantasy romance...

People actually pay attention and get back to me. Now, RITA(r) Winner would get me little in this crowd (though Daphne Du Maurier Best of the Best might, I think her name is pretty well known).

And, no, I don't actually have cards (didn't like the last bunch I got). I do have my wallet calendars, but I don't hand them out like cards.

So, if you are a writer and have a good-looking/sounding credit and need info from serious academic types, USE IT.

My advice for the day, may you enjoy the sunshine.



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