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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wild At Heart E-Project

I sent in the Wild At Heart E-project to my agent to see what she thinks. The story now stands at 4 chapters and about 10.6K, so I think it will end up being a long novella, again. About 30K-40K, nearly double what agent said would be the minimum. So that's out. I'll go back to writing it when the roofers are done. The ripping and the pounding have been a whole lot more disruptive than I'd anticipated. I will have lunch time today to write, and after they leave this evening (which was after 8pm last night).

In any event the proposal is out, which is always a good thing...however, other than those of you who read the first pages, this has not been seen by ANYONE. I, of course, went over it several times, but I have the problem all fantasy writers face (what's in your head didn't make it to the page, which leads to reader confusion). I'll be interested in how this process goes.

Thanks for the feedback, and hanging in there with me.


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