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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Chance for Names in Books http://brendanovak.auctionanything.com/

Yes, you can choose the name of a brownie in Enchanted Ever After (haven't got the copy edits yet), OR the name of a geographic feature on Celta -- like Apollopa Park or the Bluegrass Plains, or even the name of the camp of the excavation of Lugh's Spear.

Luna books: I'm out of contract, but if I sell more Mystic Circle books...I haven't really named the heroine of the next -- a fencer at the Denver Lyceum of Fencing. So that is up for grabs. I'm thinking of a blond amazonian woman...

Also I am offering at this charity site ARCs for Enchanted Ever After and Heart Secret!

And a critique.

So come on in and bid, some are lower than I'd anticipated, but all go to a GREAT cause. Just search for "Owens".



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