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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Liking your own work.

Liking your own work -- I've just finished the copy edits of three of the four stories in my Hearts and Swords collection. The last (chronologically last) is Noble Heart, which I think of as The Clovers Win A Noble Title. I like all the stories a lot. They move me. And I believe that's very important. Why write what you won't want to read?

Sometimes, of course, I'm tired of the story and the work by this point, but I turned these in the beginning of March, so they've had time to be forgotten.

Noble Heart has a good deal of humor in it, so that pleased me, too.

May you enjoy your creative work.


Blogger Anna said...


The release date for Heart Search is coming soon. I'm have it pre-ordered, although I may have to re-order it since the bookstore I ordered it from may go bankrupt. Ah well!

I'm also anticipating Heart and Swords. Looking forward to T'Willow's mother finally uniting with her heartmate.

Here's a non-post related question but related to the Heart series - Will Antenn get an HEA/story? He's Mitchella & Straif's son. He had a very hard life before Mitchella took him in. Thanks!

5:55 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Whoa, I hope your store manages to stay around! Yes, I have been sneakily setting up for Antenn. He has tiny on-screen time in Heart Search and is mentioned in Hearts & Swords. I've actually had Antenn's story in mind since before I was published, which is a blog in itself.


8:17 AM  

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