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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless -- Importance of Live Support, Face time

I don't know what to talk about today. I'm working on Chapter 11 of Heart Journey and wanted it done but only have 7 pages, so I'll have to work this evening, too.

My Brenda Novak auction winners have contacted me. We have a new geographical feature on Celta, the Bluegrass Plains which WILL play a part in a subplot that I'm setting up for the next few books. I'll post a map when I get it done.

I am preparing for the quarterly retreat in Fairplay. So far I've only gone once. January was too stormy for me to feel safe driving alone in the Saab, and last October (like upcoming October)is too close to the November retreat in South Carolina.

Ah, there's my topic for the day, and I've changed the title. Yes, I communicate with people via webmail and during the wars, and that's important. I talk with my mentor at least once and usually several times a week. But. Still.

Get together IN PERSON with other writers. Watch as you talk with them about writing and their eyes DON'T glaze over. This IS important. Bodied (as opposed to disembodied) connection.

Writers (and this goes for readers, too) are part of a tribe. Participate in tribal gatherings.

May you enjoy all the company you keep today.

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