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Monday, June 01, 2009

Time Shifter is SUBMITTED, some info

Yes, I'm late in writing this. I've had a filthy headache all day for unknown reasons (probably stress). But Time Shifter is SUBMITTED.

I WILL give you a LITTLE info about the book, but be aware that it isn't due until April next year and won't be out until 2011...if things go as planned.

Guilt-ridden by a mistake that cost her family their lives, half-Lightfolk, half-human Jenni Evers turns her back on her magical heritage...until her remaining brother who hates her is trapped and she's the only one who can travel the time river to save him.

The world of the Lightfolk ("good" magical beings) coexists with the human world. Humans still do not know that magical folk are real.

The greatest of the Lightfolk had left centuries before, knowing that their era was coming to an end and their magical power – and every other sort of power – would diminish in the wake of the breeding and spreading technological humans. The mortals would sneer at magic, then persecute, before the time came when their technology was close enough to magic to meld into something new. Millennia. It had happened before in other dimensions.

So they'd called in a gatekeeper and had a gate made to another dimension and vanished through it for more magically throbbing worlds.

But there had been lesser magical folk who knew that with the great ones gone, more magic could be accrued by themselves and they would grow in magical power. That, of course, had happened and they'd prospered.

The Lightfolk are organized into eight groups according to the four elements with major and minor peoples: Air: Elves/Air Sprites; Fire: Djinns/Fire Sprites; Earth: Dwarves/Brownies; Water: Merfolk/Naiads. There is also the Treefolk, Dryads.
There are four couples, one for each element, Kings and Queens of that element, who rule the Lightfolk: Elf, Djinn, Dwarf, Mer. They are called the Four (couples). They are the most powerful people of their kind.

Time Shifter Rules:
Time shifters go into the time river with their astral bodies, not their physical bodies. Their physical bodies are in a trance at the time, usually near the geographical point where they went into the river. A person can stay in the time river for a while without deteriorating as long as something doesn't happen to their physical body.

Time is wide and rushing river, not easily changed. When a stream is diverted by a time shifter, it makes an alternate world and the shifter is whipped between the worlds until h/she is shredded, perhaps even her soul.

The Eversteps learned how much the river could be manipulated before such a split could happen and noted it in the family histories. Thus, the time shifters making an alternative world through their manipulation is rare.

One of the things that will split off another reality is if a time shifter is duplicated in the same 24 mile radius in a 3 day period.

Therefore Jenni was unable to go back and "fix" her mistake.

You get one chance and one chance only to work on a certain past event.

That's all I want to share right now. I submitted four chapters, but chapter 4 may not be where I left the hook. I was having trouble with it, but wanted to get the first part of it in.

May your own imagination take flight.



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