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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ups and Downs

Our creative life, and our careers, and life itself has ups and downs...but let's talk about writing first...when the scene flows, when I like what I'm writing, when I'm not struggling with the page, I am happiest. Naturally.

When I sit and can't settle, or the scene feels clunky, I am a little dissatisfied.

Now publishing, when my editor "has concerns" about my work, then I am annoyed and afraid.

Timeshifter. The first Luna books, I literally spent 4 months on the proposals. I think I spent about 2 months on the second six and about three days thinking out the changes to the 5-into-6 since they wanted it in five months (well, they wanted Keepers of the Flame in four, but I finished it in five).

Now for Timeshifter I spent about two weeks on, and I guess it showed, though *I* liked the proposal. Editor and I ripped the guts out of it yesterday. The Timeshifting element wasn't as solid as I'd thought it was (ok, I DID spend lots of time thinking on that, just didn't hit all the points I needed to for the backstory).

So now I start again. No more Heart Journey this week. This week and some of next will be dedicated to getting more done on Time Shifter. BTW, this is now shaping up to be more on the romance side of the fantasy spectrum than the less romance side.

So, that's that. I'll be happy when we get this ironed out ("we" means me doing the work and editor approving).

May you enjoy the changes of the day.

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OpenID mareofearth said...

I love your writing.
I just found this blog, and have accumulated a few comments - so I will just throw them all in here - make of them what you will.
Ups or downs, life will get you no matter what, so roll with it the best you can.
I also have an iTouch - have you done the software upgrade yet?
As for ironing out the timeshifting - you appear to like to read as much as I do - there is a vast body of writing about time travel in general - much of it badly done. One of the few I liked was "Timeshadow Rider" by Anne Maxwell. It handled the non-corporeal idea of altering time in an interesting manner - not the same as what you have hinted at on here, but the detail as I remember it (I read it last a few years ago now) may help you with ideas to explain your own system.

And, if you liked the movie Willow, I would recommend the book series that followed it - Shadow Moon, Shadow Dawn, and Shadow Star by Chris Claremont and George Lucas.

Last, a bit repetitive, but I do love your writing. I always eagerly anticipate one of your books, and now that I found your blog, I really like your writing tips. Belief system rants always turn me off a book too.

And I'll stop typing now..... :)


3:00 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...


Thanks for dropping by! I've been thinking hard, and flung out the ideas to my sf/f brunch group, and just letting the subconscious handle it. I think I have until about Friday to come up with something.

I did the upgrade yesterday, but haven't seen the new notes take hold yet.

Take care,

2:07 PM  

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