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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anthologies -- Short Stories -- Zanth

As a reader, I usually like anthologies -- if they're romance. I don't care too much for those that aren't. Usually because they have stories that don't end well, and you should all know by now that I'm a happily-ever-after sort of girl.

I don't judge mainstream in any contest, either. To me mainstream means a coming of age story and to all too many mainstream writers that means killing someone close to them so the character understands life through mortality.

I've been in one anthology and liked it a lot, I'd do others. I was asked to do a short story for the RMFW anthology but decided against it, mostly because no idea sang to me.

However, I did write a very short story that will go up on my website, though I think I'll post it here first. This week. So stay tuned.

It features Zanth, the FamCat from HeartMate and is in his point of view. There are two characters (as opposed to the crowd scene that I took to critique group, I love lots of people).

So...enjoy where your muse, whatever it is, leads you today.

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