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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Writing Outside

I've tried this before and had a terrible time, most notably when I wanted to write outside on the decks at the SC retreat last year (coming up at the end of the month). So I've purchased a couple of shades. Since this laptop is smaller (12 inch across screen), both shades are a little big, but I like them and will probably take both of them with me. They fold flat.

Anyway I was out on the miniscule patio yesterday pm and with sun shooting right on the screen and I could see very well with the shade on, so I am chuffed that I'll be able to write, especially since I'm on the 3rd floor and that floor has a balcony facing the sea. It will be perfect.

I found myself staring up at the gray clouds moving in and it was good. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and cold, so it looks like I have today. Sigh.

Wrote this am already, and got, um, 2/3 of my wordcount done, all in one swoop. Taking a break now, then I'll get back to it. I think I've been in Cratag's POV too long.

Still coming to the end of day 2, and may cut some of this stuff if necessary.

So, advice for the day. If you have glare and want to write outside, get shades.

May today be sunny for you and yours.


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