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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Different Strokes

I was reading a lyrical paragraph in Nora Roberts, The Hollow, that spoke of a paranormal-magical concept (sensing all living things), that I've used myself in my books. So I was looking at this paragraph and it was very lovely, but it wasn't quite right. Not for ME.

Which is really fun. I studied the paragraph, reconstructed it to have a "better" payoff line that was more in my OWN world view.

The fascinating part of this is that it shows the different slants of how different writers consider their magic, their word choice, their paragraph construction.

I hope I'm making sense.

Sometimes when the "editing when reading" bug hits me (in ANYONE'S work), it's just simple word choice -- I'd use something else here, or that sentence is awkward. But this piece made me go beyond that, emphasized the differences (Nora is a fabulous writer), and seeing/expressing that difference is a joy to behold.

All right, I'm tired, I stayed up way too late last night and Tommy woke me up at the usual time. I hope I got the point across, except...Celebrate Diversity.

May your mind be open to lovely, different experiences today.


Blogger Tannun said...

I've noticed you sign all your blogs with a "May you (r) day"... I've looked, it seems you come up with a different each day. It's possible you duplicate, I haven't scoured them that carefully, but I wonder what the thought process behind this was?

Did you make a conscious decision, or did it develop accidentally? You noticed it, and you decided to embrace the concept as a signature Owens sign off?

4:47 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Hi, Tannun. I call this my "blessing" and it actually grew out of two things.

First, when I'm signing, I like a "blessing" (which takes a little longer), like "May your imagination always take flight" for Protector of the Flight, or "Follow Your Heart And Magic Will Come." I wanted the signature to be about the reader, not the author or the book.

Also, I did The Artist's Way some years ago (did it twice and did it one week every month), and I found that I always signed my Morning Pages, "Love, Robin" even though no one, not even me, would be reading those pages for weeks. (And I haven't read them for years, if ever, there was one page I destroyed because I didn't want my family to ever find it, it would have been so hurtful).

So the blessing grew out of my common practice. Occasionally I post without one, then realize it and go back and put it in.

A little positive energy for all of us, I hope.

7:57 AM  

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