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Friday, October 24, 2008

Mile Hi Con - Day 1

Today is the beginning of Mile Hi Con. I need to be there at 5:30 for Improvocation, warm up improv games that get the con off to a good start! I did my flyer to put up, and will attach it here a little later so that you all see it.

I've had some health issues with Tommy, so that's sucked up a lot of my time and I'm going to really hit the writing software thing hard today (and maybe go vote since I'll be away). We have a very long list of ballot measures this year, and a couple of races that are close besides Pres.

For the first time ever, Colorado is a swing state which amuses us all.

Anyway, I might not be spending much time at the con this year just because I have to get ready for SC, and work on the worldbuilding seminar (or get some notes out of ones I've given and ones I've gone to). The seminar on writing software will be at 11 am tomorrow and my signing at 1. Sunday I'm on a noon panel regarding architecture (and I may take a copy of our mystery house).

May you enjoy the anticipation of the weekend today.


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