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Sunday, August 31, 2008

As the Story Grows -- Heart Duel

Still thinking about Heart Duel, a few things happened in that story that I hadn't anticipated, that grew as I wrote it. Actually, this always occurs, but with Heart Duel it was important because the whole subplot that I'm finally tying up in Heart Fate was started and became a dangling thread.

What I still like the best about Heart Duel is that when you first meet the patriarchs, T'Holly and T'Hawthorn (in order of appearance), T'Hawthorn is the cooler, more impersonal, less sympathetic character, especially with regard to his children.

But in the end it is T'Holly who makes the dreadful mistake that carries over through several books and wrenches his Family apart. He is the one who is the most blind and intransigent.

I hadn't planned it that way, but I had started comparing/contrasting the two men and when it got down to the end of the story and I knew what would happen, I thought it would be really interesting to twist it.

So that's how that particular part of Heart Duel grew.

May you enjoy the characters you meet today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far, I think that my favourites are: Heart Thief, Heart Duel, and Heart Dance.

I have always liked the fact that T'Hawthorn accepted his children's choices in the end and decided that family and love meant more than honor.

I also liked that you didn't resolve T'Holly's reprecussions in the very next book. Something like that type of anger/reslove/stubborness just doesn't go away with the flick of a pen.

In Dance, I loved that the story line was more from the woman's point of view (as I perceived it) and she did have such difficulties to overcome.

In Thief, I always love the underdog type character.

I have managed to keep your newest on the shelf. I really want to prolong the suspense.


8:52 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, Tine. I've always been ambivalent about Heart Dance, it didn't seem as "big" a story for me, so it's good to hear it's in the top few favorites.

As for Heart Thief, I know a lot of people who like that one the best -- the outcast (though many of my folks have been underdogs...rising up).

Thanks again,

8:45 AM  

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