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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why I started writing

This is in reply to a comment. Like many writers I always wrote or told myself stories. I started some writing projects throughout the years but didn't seriously start writing until a relationship crashed, which freed my creativity and time.

I took a creative writing course at a local "free" university from my mentor, Cassie Miles, and started what became my first book: The Token, a contemporary paranormal romance. It will never be published, and I still have the first draft of the complete book which I did without any input. Pitiful indeed. I made all the beginning writer mistakes from starting with a dream to head-hopping Points Of View to masses of characters...

My fourth full manuscript, HeartMate, was my first published book. I'd written Regency era historicals (with and without paranormal) and no one was buying my work (mostly because I had a bad agent who wasn't sending it out), so I wrote HeartMate for fun.

It took me 8-9 years to get published, I don't like to count.

For me, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers taught me to write and my first allegiance will always be to RMFW (mentor's group). I have done some online critiquing, but prefer in person.

I think that's enough...there are some other interviews I've done out there and I have one for a local newsletter to answer.

May you enjoy your creative outlet today.


Blogger Tannun said...

You mentioned you played City of Heroes, do you also use Ventrilo for voice chatting with other players?

I ask because I wonder if you might consider hosting a Ventrilo workshop for aspiring writers?

Charge admission and conduct classes. Maybe it would help pay those bills!

3:30 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

I didn't even know about Ventrilo, I did some sort of podcast interview earlier this year (it's on Access Romance as a podcast), and something literally interrupted the thing like every minute or so. That was before I had Big Blue tuned, but I wouldn't be surprised that the program is still there.

Take care, and thanks,

4:08 PM  

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