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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chat Tonight! and Off Internet

The desktop was hanging and getting slower and slower...so I took it in (and I think it weighs more than I do since it's a "gaming" computer). Anyway that's the one I have internet access on. Right now I'm at a Borders with a T-Mobile day pass at 9.99 which I think is outrageous, but I've literally been all over town looking for an open library...since before 10, some opened at 10, some 11, some noon...but never the one that I was at. Thing is, I always use online anymore for library hours so I didn't know when various libraries opened...

Our local coffee shop has access but it is secure and for reasons unknown to me my program won't give me a chance to log onto a secure network. I dimly recall a little popup box but haven't seen that for a while. Geek Squad, of course, said that they fixed this but it hasn't worked since the laptop crashed.

Ok, I'm cranky...I'm also on my way to a computer store to buy a wi-fi router and see if I can set up a network in my house by the chat time tonight. If not, I'll be at a local library, but will have to leave a little before the full hour since they'll be closing and probably kick me out.

Slept in late and haven't gotten any writing done yet. Did some sewing together yesterday which went well but didn't produce the full wordcount.

So, that's that. I will be the ONLY one on the Novel Talk chat, so come see me! 9pm Eastern! There will be prizes (to be determined when I'm less grumpy).



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