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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Page Proofs/Galleys

I got the page proofs for Heart Fate last week, immediately handed them off to my editor friend, Rose Beetum, and now have them back and have been working on them (reading the book) all day, about 12 hours. I'm near the end, but while I was checking something out, I realized I put some other thing in a long time ago that I completely forgot and now I must handle in case anyone notices a discrepancy (ok, it concerns the Holly Residence). So I'm going to let my brain sleep on that and see how I might handle it in three sentences or less...as little as I can insert.

I've cut a few lines that made no sense or contradicted other things, but haven't added more than a couple of words here and there.

I am still very pleased with the book.

May you enjoy your work today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mention word count and page count, are you contractually limited to a specific count? Or is this a personal preference? I don't think you're books could be too long!

3:56 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Well, my contracts usually do have a page count, and I LIKE my Heart books NOT to go over a ream of paper, just easier that way, and that's long.

My Luna editor asked for a shorter book last time and that just wasn't possible with all I had to put in Keepers of the Flame. Not sure how much, if any, shorter Echoes of the Dark might be, but I wouldn't mind it being 500.


5:00 PM  

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