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Monday, November 12, 2007


Since I'm working on my schedule and am figuring out what will be optimal for me, I can't stress enough that you should determine a schedule that works for YOU and stick with it.

For those who have a day job, it's somewhat easier -- write before work, or on lunch break, or after work -- around other important priorities.

For me, single with cats, I have to be very disciplined to get things done. And I don't feel I've been disciplined enough.

So, to find a schedule. Blog may happen before I feed the cats and the sun is completely up (like now), or in email breaks, or after all writing is done.

Personal: I got in late (Eastern time) due to plane problem last night, felt stiff from hauling around all my stuff. The house doesn't look too bad considering two angry/abandoned cats were in it.

This morning I woke up at sunrise Eastern time, went back to sleep. Am up now at Denver sunrise time (lovely sunrise by the way, wish I hadn't used all my disposable cameras). Feeding cats, maybe even me, then getting flash drive to work. I DO know that I like natural light for work, mostly to save my eyes.

Read J.D. Robb's new short story and the rest of that anthology, liked how she handled the vampire (which, in general, was how I thought she would, though, also, as usual, she had a good twist for me).

Reading a book by an author people raved about (2nd book, I think) and am not feeling the emotional punch, world is interesting. Also reading Christie Golden's latest Luna book (ebook only, one of the reasons I got a new palm), Under Sea's Shadow, which is excellent of course.

May you be blessed with sunshine today.
Robin (who is not hearing the surf, but street traffic; not seeing the ocean but the curtain over the window light and dark with tree and sun; not greeting Blythe after she does her morning pages and walking onto the deck and down to the beach; but sitting in a dim room in her pjs writing the blog). Schedules can be established in a short amount of time. Stick with the schedule that works for you.

p.s. Weather in Denver was actually warmer last week than at the Isle of Palms. Looks like cold is going to hit this week though.


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