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Friday, November 02, 2007

Technology and Orphans

I've spent most of the night and a lot of money on software for my new Palm TX to make it function even half as easily as my Cassiopeia E125. Not working. No way to set an appointment for the first Thursday of the month, or the 3rd Saturday. Takes 3 screens to tell the calendar that a vacation will run from 6 am on Thursday to 9 am on Saturday. Not to mention no dictaphone.

Pretty disgusted with technology. I chose the TX because of the reviews, but I'd still be with the Cassiopeia if they supported it. Nope. All programs older and new programs (like the new .lit) won't run on the older programs. I have a .lit converter for my old .lit books into the ereader...urgh.

Not happy, and it isn't JUST the change. My old PDA could do wonderful stuff compared to this one...but Casio got gobbled up by HP and now the Cassiopeia is not supported. Grrrr. Much gnashing of teeth.

Anyway, I'm beat, and I only have 2 full days left before the retreat to get things organized.

May all your technology work smoothly today.


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