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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2007 and Publishing demands

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The leaves are all gone, most fell while I was away.

I know I talk about this a lot. How the weather affects your stories, how rituals are important, whatever they are, and holidays.

Yesterday was the last nice day of the year -- I mean in the 70s. We won't see that again until, perhaps, May or June.

Today is cooler.

Tomorrow is snow.

I filled my many bowled fountain in my entry way (it will last for 20 days), and cleaned off my small outdoor table and read scenes of Heart Fate (which I'll be interspersing with housework today). I haven't had my film developed yet, so I'll take 5 disposable cameras in today. One isn't of South Carolina, but of my lost (early this year) cat Diva, the ruler of the household.

Now I think I want some orange juice.

I've had a number of publishing demands lately. Sending pics for the cover of Heart Fate, approval of the back cover copy.

Luna doesn't like Singer For A World as a title, so wanted more titles, punchier titles. I gave them Destroyer of the Dark, that didn't seem to go. My editor likes Echoes of the Dark. **Shrugging**

Naturally, with Luna, the proposal wasn't approved first shot (though I took it to critique and revised it three times and it WORKS). I am actually confused as to what my editor wants, so I've asked and am waiting for clarification. Anyway, I can't mess with changing the last Luna book on Lladrana when I need to concentrate on Heart Fate, so that is now definitely back-burnered for a while (reminds me, should have cleaned the oven yesterday, may take a shot at it today and open the door to 50 degree weather anyway).

I have unpublished friends who have watched those of us who are published struggle, and still think that being published is easier. Yes, the validation is there, that you are a good writer, that someone besides your critique group believes in you, but the frustrations can be enormous. Deadlines. Poor, irregular pay. You sometimes are not writing the book you wanted but what someone else thinks your book should be.

Guess I'm more tired and whiny than I thought this morning...
May you be cheerful and optimistic today.


Blogger Dayna_Hart said...

sounds like you need some sunshine, Robin. *hugs*

7:37 AM  
Blogger Catie said...

Jay Lake refers to all of this as "trading up for a better set of problems". :) *hugs*! (I happen to like SINGER FOR A WORLD as a title, but oh well.)


10:48 AM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Hmmm, Catie, definitely a different set of problems....


7:25 AM  

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