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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am still on Eastern time, and I woke up not knowing where I was...so here's a little bit I wrote last week.

All right. I firmly believe that a person must laugh at themselves to keep perspective on the world. So that's why I'm telling this story (and because Anna DeStefano is going to tell it too, this week).

Part of the reason that I didn't get much done Monday - Wednesday was that I was drinking this "fruit juice" in bottles. Now, I didn't really look at the ingredients of the fruit juice until Wednesday noon to check if it had High Fructose Corn Syrup which I am not eating anymore.

It didn't.

It had malt liquor.

Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Fruit....(I drank 3 flavors). Of course, being a rum drinker "Captain Morgan" should have tipped me off so I wouldn't tipple...but that didn't happen. And, sure, it's not VERY alcoholic. But, like, anything that can distract me, will.

There's the story. Sometimes I feel very naive.
May you enjoy laughing today.


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