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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Computer Crash

Yes, I know other people have had computer crashes, but I never had. I lost my PDA, which, of course, is the one computer I rarely backed up. URGH! I'm not sure what happened. I bought a new power source and apparently my PDA's plug was a little wonky and I wiggled it and MAYBE there was a spark. Anyway the whole #@$)&$(^*&%$)*& thing went down.

Hard to say what I used the most. The calendar, of course, had birthdays, but I think I'll miss the address book the most. I had EVERYTHING in that. And the real problem is that it is an old PDA, a Cassiopeia with dictation, etc.

There are some notes I dictated that I never transcribed...some from early books, and, ouch! books I wanted to read, clothes designers that I wanted to buy...URGH!

And directions to places that I often looked at while I was on a trip.


So, for the first time I have a major crash...I suppose I should be grateful it was a PDA instead of my home or laptop. And since it IS so old and not supported anymore and the reason I bought it, to read e-books has also changed with it being unable to handle the new .lit, I broke down and bought a Palm TX and hope that it will give me what I want.

May you be free of any electrical problems today.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! I so empathize with you, Robin!!! Eeeeeekkkkk!!!!! That happened to me too once, horrors!

That experience taught me to keep at least addresses and to do lists in my old reliable daytimer. I just don't want to trust electronics with everything. (bad enough I have to keep my manuscripts on computer...but those I back up three different ways.)

Hope the new one is everything you wish!


7:30 AM  
Anonymous a reader said...

I hear there are programs that retrieve anything from hard drives etc. may be if you talk to an expert something can be done. Usually at a price all is possible?! I lost quite a lots of bits and pieces because of I crash and I keep them now in paper!! hardier.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks Reader, I DO have a retrieval program that I got some stuff off a flash drive with. Maybe I can try it!

And thanks, Donna!

1:27 PM  

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