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Friday, October 19, 2007


It's dark here, but I was awake and I'm running a bath and will listen to an audio tape (for the umpteenth time) of Orchid by Jayne Castle/Jayne Ann Krentz before I start working when the sun comes up.

Critique was good last night...which means nothing major was found with my piece, and the suggestions I need to consider aren't dreadful. I have three stock characters, one of whom will not be seen again and the question is whether to slow the pacing to add more details or to keep it the same and get Jikata to Lladrana quickly.

Since I don't think that it would take more than another page (I can only take 10 and actually ended in the middle of a paragraph), I think I'll add.

Also, I liked everyone else's work last night, which is also a plus, and which I can't always say (and as far as I know, only one person from that group occasionally reads this and I really like her work).

Since there are so many of us (and I'm a newbie in the crowd), my next reading date is December 20. Since I've been there, anywhere from fourteen to twenty two come. Our facilitator is very strict, and there's lots of time to write what we want on the back of the pages -- next week's long-time critique group is a free for all chaos with loud voices who ask penetrating questions and expect you to answer.

Anyway that's the report from the writing front. I was very nervous about taking it to the group, the inner need to be loved, even though I like fresh eyes seeing my work from a different slant.

May you feel like you're on the right track today.


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