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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Amazon Canned Email

I've now gotten my first inquiry as to why Keepers of the Flame is not up on amazon.com I can't tell you how many times I've emailed them, and how many times I've received back a canned reply of visit amazon.com for publishers where I'm told that I can have Keepers of the Flame listed as a Booksurge book, or print on demand, or, oh, buy the amazon advantage program.

Canned email responses drive me nuts because the customer service people are obviously not listening to you, or they don't know how to handle any problem originally, just press a button and repeat, repeat, repeat.

The book IS up on bn.com here

Sorry for the mini-rant, and I don't know why I keep trying except there was a time when I COULD add a book and have it verified by my editor or agent.

So, does canned email customer service stuff drive you crazy, too? And my last email to them was October 1. They are now running 7-10 BUSINESS days behind. Guess they never recovered from the Harry Potter fiasco.

May you have a pleasant day and let irritation drain from you like a sieve (practicing deep breathing here).


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