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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Word Count - Out of Sequence Writing

What with one project and another, my work on Heart Fate has been spotty in the last month. It was difficult to sit down at the keyboard today. Last week I allowed myself to work out of sequence, just to get some pages done and under my belt. Today I started working on one, then thought of three other scenes, and started them off, too. So in bits and pieces I made my word count.

I've got a lot of other "stuff" I need to do beyond writing -- the trials of being a homeowner and solitary person in the house -- so I may not get back to the keyboard today, but I am satisfied with my progress.

There's some very loud noise coming from outside, so I guess I'll go see what it is.

Time also to update my website.

So may you enjoy your work today.


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