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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Promo -- Chapbooks

Chapbooks are those sample chapters you see around at conventions. I used to do chapbooks for Mile Hi Con but gave up a couple of years ago after a bad experience with an outside printer. Also since then I've gotten two new personal printers and haven't really set up a chapbook to do.

I did chapbooks at Mile Hi Con because people WILL sit around there, reading.

Since Mile Hi Con is coming up -- a convention I attended before I seriously started writing -- I was considering Chapbooks again, and went around the brunch table and of the couple of people who answered, they didn't like chapbooks, especially if it was for books that weren't currently available.

So, I guess, people don't read them, note down the name, and go get them when they come out.... I know that Who Else Books at Mile Hi Con carries my books, and they are local so if they happened to run out of a title, they could put more in stock, but...

I'm going ONLY with my wallet calendars of Keepers of the Flame, I think. Already ordered and got the wallet calendars (and just found another stash of Protector of the Flight which is for 2007, so there are only a couple of months left). I found a gorgeous bowl that will hold them.

Well, I'm tired and I read tonight at critique. I'm taking the beginning of Singer For A World, always good to get new eyes.

May you be successful in your goals today.


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