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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Publisher's Fire Drill '07

I don't think I kept track of my publishers' fire drills this year, and I like to differentiate posts on the same topic, thus the title.

Anyway, due to strange and unusual circumstances beyond my control, I am working on the full ms. of Keepers of the Flame again. And, again, I hope to be finished tomorrow. But I DO have other things I must do tomorrow.

Still not quite recovered from the conference and last night's poor sleep, so I'll be taking a bath and hitting the sack.

I guess I'll just say that in all the conversations I had with published authors over the weekend, we'd finally shake our heads and say, "This is a crazy business." Or "This is a hard business."

It is, both crazy and hard. So, when you first sell, try and keep that honeymoon blush as long as possible, deliberately hold the delight close. 'Cuz it will rub off all too soon.

May you write well today.


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