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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Seasons in your story

So, what seasons are you writing about in your stories? Due to professional constraints (THEIR profession), Keepers of the Flame takes place the very last of May and through June. Singer for a World will probably be happening now, September.

Heart Fate will take place in the winter.

What determines this and what does it add to the story and how much it adds to the story is up to you -- sometimes.

I had planned on setting Keepers of the Flame earlier, in April and May, but new doctors usually start their careers July 1. That's pretty much summer to me, even in Colorado.

I wanted Heart Fate to be a year later than Heart Dance, and Heart Dance was in the winter. Heart Dance was in the winter for one reason only -- it had to be no more than a month or so after Heart Quest because it would have been Very Slow of a hero, even a beta guy like Saille, to wait around more than a month after he found his HeartMate to go after her. So instead of a lush garden, Lahsin will be working with a dead garden, which DOES make it harder for her.

USE your weather and your seasons and the way that your seasons change in your book. They can affect events. They can affect your entire plot line, atmosphere and characters. Do your characters like the season they are in or are they suffering? What are they doing for fun? Is it usual for them to do that for fun during this season? What obstacles come with the season? What conflict between characters?

The Luna books usually don't take place over more than a month, so I'm usually stuck in one season, and with one weather. That's a little different in Keepers of the Flame. ;)

But In Real Life I woke up today and knew that fall had started. I won't be sleeping with windows all the way open in my bedroom and office until NEXT summer, let alone need a fan. So though the days are going to be gorgeous and summery (hopefully through October), the nights are now nippy and more like autumn.

How does the change of the seasons affect your characters? Their inner and outer conflicts? Your plot? Consider it.

May you enjoy all the seasons of your work.


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