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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Writing Days

The thing I miss most about working a day job is interacting with the people of course -- though I was an introvert and kept to myself mostly. The next is the "buffer time" travel time on bus between work and home and home and work. Now work is at home. No reading before the day begins...or the work day will NOT begin...

Sometimes when I have a long deadline (ha, ha not lately) and an easy wordcount and am inspired, I can finish my workday in an hour and a half. Very cool. Then, of course, I mess around on the web and do a little research and errands and housework, etc. Maybe even play games. So the 1 1/2 hour workday as compared to the 8 hour workday is cool.

Sometimes I have VERY long days -- 14 hours of brain cracking, eye straining copy edits. Then those 8 hour workdays feel sweet.

And sometimes like yesterday I have things planned out and going well and anticipate getting my work done in a timely fashion of about five or six hours and next thing I know it's ten and counting. Those are the days that happen most often.

All sorts of stuff: writing, revising, promo items I need to approve, emails I must answer, a blog I promised somewhere else - 1200 words! not me baby, 600+ and let me know if it's too short. Books I've promised to read for a quote, conference workshops to organize or proposals for workshops to work on. More email. Website to update, which means doing the home page, new pics, new excerpts, something cool for the WORLDS page, and the Free Your Artist page which takes a good 8 hours by itself if done right. Making copy edits on the computer look like those on hardcopy.

There was a break for walking to the bank during the early afternoon (hot!), and one for shopping in the evening and gassing up the car (all out of cat food). So, again, those 8 hour workdays look good.

And there are shorter days of HARD writing, where the words don't come and the pages are crap and though I only worked four hours my mind feels like a meltdown.

And all my wordcounts are daily wordcounts, that's 7 days a week.

So, as a general thing, I'd say that I work at my writing and publishing career at least as hard as those 8 hour day jobs.

May you enjoy what you're doing today.


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