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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Sometimes I do surf the web too much, particularly for photos. But I had a setting in mind and couldn't visualize it clearly. So off I went. I also forgot the differences between corbels, bosses, keystones and capstones (Sevair Masif, a hero of Keepers of the Flame is a stonemason).

Anyway, I saw this a few years ago. You recall that my Mom likes cathedrals? I think I might have pics, too, but not nearly as good.

AND, I needed a BATH room in the bottom of a tower and I thought, ok, how cool would THIS be! Especially after Sevair added a few little flourishes.

Sure, sometimes it's better not to spend the time and just make up things. But if you're going to do some detailed description and you have something in mind, it's good to have it in front of you.

And since I'm talking visuals, the Exotiques have symbols of themselves that appear as tatts on the inner arms of the others. Alexa a jade baton, of course, Marian a lightning bolt... My heroines of Keepers needed symbols. I wanted a caduceus for Beth, but didn't think of anything for Bri until last night/this morning. So I've contacted someone who might have knowledge of what I want...

These are my rationalizations and I'm sticking to them.


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