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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Disruption -- Just Do It

All right. My life is in a state of total disruption right now, and I've been feeling pretty pitiful and sorry for myself. Sunday was a good revision and writing day (after Saturday critique), Monday was also good, but Tuesday....

I moped. I whined. I bored myself and others. I worried about all the disruption to my schedule. And money.

I couldn't get organized to find where I wanted to work in the book. Hadn't I written that scene?

Finally, I told myself to just sit down and write. A few words. A page. A little scene.

And some of the answers as how to shape this part of the book came as I was writing. Imagine that.

So I want to remind you, that no matter how late, no matter how pissy you feel, if you sit down and write, odds are something will come that will surprise you if you let it.

Reminding myself, too.

May your writing go smoothly today.


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