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Friday, February 02, 2007

Thumbs Down Norton Mess 12+ Hours Unresolved -- Rant

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingYeah, I'm infuriated.

I have literally spent 12 hours trying to buy and install Norton Systemworks. I'm on the phone now, (on hold).

What is REALLY awful is that I waited TWO HOURS for a live chat person to resolve my "corrupted file, cannot install program" gave them total access to my machine. They dinked around then I waited, waited and finally realized that they'd disconnected. And closed the chat window, without any notice to me.

This is Norton/Symantec Customer Service? I've had it. I want my $70 back. You can't download with Firefox, so you have to go to Internet Explorer. You can't download with Netscape either said a PREVIOUS chat person (1/2 hour wait there) this am.

Well, have you noticed that Internet Explorer 7 has "issues" with Anti-Virus software programs? And if you have a general windows auto update, it merrily loads 7 on your machine, then you can't get it to work. Then you must find how to UNINSTALL 7 and load 6 again.

Then the Norton key code doesn't work. Then you email someone with the above and they say they aren't trained to answer your issues and please live chat.

When I tried to "fix it yourself" none of the information on the pages (open this tab, which turned out to be nonexistent) was right.

So I'm giving up. I'm asking for a ^$^%^^%^$_)*)(*( refund, reinstalling Firefox (which I took off in the belief that it was causing problems with Internet Explorer 7).

We'll see how long I'm on telephone hold. Will update you later, but I'm sure to still be steamed. Meanwhile, I think I'll uninstall all of Norton (the guy couldn't even get that tool), if I can, head over to Mozilla and ask who they recommend and try McAffee, if nothing else. (Later, I got a lead on a good program for much less with supposedly fabulous support).


I got about 350 words done today. It was a hideous day.

May your characters (and not you) have frustration in their lives.


Blogger Jacki Bentley said...

Hey Robin: I'm on my way to your Web site to see when your book is out.
I'm sorry to hear that Norton frustration. Wish I could help. My laptop came with Norton. I've renewed it twice since 2003 with no probs. It's okay for me. My husband likes McAfee a lot better. The first version of Norton I had was sooo painfully slow to do a full scan. The new version is way faster. But it seems so darn often I find it doing its routine churning away, slowing my computer.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Maura said...

AVG is a decent alternative to Norton.

I never use Norton because of all its interop problems.

2:18 AM  
Anonymous John Fiala said...

You know, if you have computer problems just let me know, Robin - I'm willing to give you a hand with them.

Norton's isn't what I'd use to get rid of viruses anyway - the people who _make_ viruses buy nortons and make sure that Norton's doesn't catch them before they're released.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks John, I'll think of you next time. I'm very happy with the software I got.

Take care, and may see you Sunday....

10:42 AM  
Anonymous AutumnFire said...

Sorry to respond so late. I hope there's time to add my 2 cents' worth. Lord have mercy! Yank Norton off ASAP and never look back! It will mess up your computer to no end. I have IE and Firefox on my laptop and no problems with interaction. My software virus protection? PC cillin. Great program. I'd highly recommend it.


4:29 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Autumn Fire, thanks!

I'm still having a few problems with IE and Firefox and Outlook Express. I know I should go with Thunderbird, but I am superstitious about it.

I find that I did really like the backup systems of Norton 2004 and may look to see if I have the disk. I back up my writing documents very, very often, and have auto, too. Norton captured all those backups and I could find them in the recycle bin. I used that fairly often. So I'll be looking for a utility to do that or find my old disk. Hopefully I can load only that bit onto the machine and not the virus thing or the firewall or anything else.

I went with PC Security Shield which left me gasping with how quickly and easily it installed.

Thanks again,

11:26 AM  

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