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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


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I am up for two awards this year: Heart Quest in Best Fantasy/Magical (Romance), Sorceress of Faith in Best SF/Fantasy.

I am deeply grateful for these paranormal romance readers. I'm sure the word of mouth these people did made my first book successful enough to launch and continue my career.

There are so many newer authors, and so many good authors, that I can only hope to win this year (actually, as I only hope to win every year), and I'm truly honored to be a finalist.

So thank you, those of you who belong to the list, and those who don't. Thank you.

May your reading and writing bring you much satisfaction today.


Anonymous a fan said...

break a leg! or should it be two?
Best luck

1:32 PM  
Anonymous a reader said...

While trying to buy Guardian of Honor (my local book store says it is sold out and, as far as they know, there are no further printings even in paperback - as I thought - at least in Canada) so since I am as persistant as a fox-terrier, tried ebay and found it listed at $46 !!!! Hope this makes you feel gooood.
Finally got it at Amazon.ca

3:47 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...


OUCH! And I don't get any of those inflated prices!

If you want to cancel, you can buy it online from Harlequin Enterprises, and since they are also a Canadian company, the shipping should be easy. Let m know.


6:11 PM  

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