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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cover Shock

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I’ve been wondering whether Guardian of Honor is shipping well from amazon and I went there and saw the cover of Heart Dance.

I’ve had several shocks with covers – mostly because I send a bunch of concepts and I get strange stuff, like sending amber necklaces and silver vases and armbands and getting T’Ash with a tattoo (I love that cover, but it WAS a shock and made me snort with laughter). Or sending several pair of boxes and one bracelet and getting the bracelet (Heart Choice).

But this really IS a shock. I gotta do better work with regard to sending info re heroes and heroines. Saille Willow’s house color is scarlet (I got tired of green everything). On the cover he’s dressed in gray and gold.

And I really, really, really should have emphasized that it’s Winter. Bone-chilling, white-out-blizzard-blowing, snot-freezing-in-your-nose WINTER.

Now, to fix. Saille has a conservatory, I can put him in there in purple winter evening light. The clothes – well I suppose I can say he dressed casually. I’ve been describing clothes in Heart Dance and none of them look like what he’s wearing.

I’m not quite sure what his necklace is, but I can add the piece if I wrack my mind long enough. His creativity is as a potter. That could be a clay leaf with a jewel, right? Or maybe a rune that he uses in matchmaking. Huh.

**secret smile** just got a good idea.

OTOH, it makes for another good cover story. I have stories about them all.

And another thing, I DO include the social season. I can just hear T'Ash sniggering to Saille Willow (the hero) "A graceful dancer, as graceful as a willow." And Saille snarling...


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May you visualize your story well today.


Blogger moonhart said...

I like the cover, though I admit it sorta threw me. Mostly the clothes...they have a Robin Hood quality to them. And I thought he might be cold...But I do like it. And I always like your little stories where you make it fit the bigger picture so I am looking forward to that.



11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the cover, but I agree with moon that there is a definate Robin Hood vibe going on. I have this vision of Carey Elwes and his merry men in the movie "Robin Hood - Men in Tights" prancing around singing. Sorry...had an image of T'Ash as Little John...lol.

Also, I really like the "Object" theme of your other covers and would love to see T'Willow's HeartGift on a bed of red velvet.

Just my 2 cents...love your writing!

6:42 AM  

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