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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Typos in a Book

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingNO ONE WANTS TYPOS IN A BOOK.

Not the author, not the copy editor (whose job it is to find them), not the editor, not the typesetter, not the publisher.

We all try to avoid minor errors that would Stop A Reader, try and make it as clean as possible. Most reviewers and writers know this. However sentences get cut or moved around and something gets lost. Or added. And typos and punctuation errors are made despite the author's eyes (at least 3 times in the process), the copy editor and the editor. The typesetter (if there still is one) does not read the pages for typos, but can make them through human error.

A couple of years ago I heard on a readers loop that a certain publisher (don't recall which) produced too many books with typos. So it can be a real cause for concern occasionally. And I would say the publisher didn't hire the right people.

But everyone strives to keep typos out of a book, and those are definitely errors that fall into the "fell between the cracks of the process" category. So accept that there will be typos. If you mention this in a review, you mark yourself as very new to the business.

May your fingers go correctly onto all the keys today.


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