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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fun Lines

We all have them. We all try and keep them in by any rationalization possible (thus my request for validation of “in-jokes”). Sometimes they gotta go. They don’t fit. Or when you revise they don’t fit. Or they really don’t add anything to the plot.

You can keep a couple, rationalize that they add character development or texture to a story, or make a person smile so add a touch of humor when needed. But these are things to be very, very wary of.

Lines that might pull people out of the story, saying “how silly” or “I bet the author is feeling very clever about that bit” and you all know how I feel about Readers Being Pulled Out of a Story.

Alexa, my over-the-top character in the Summoning series, usually gets the good lines. She has two I couldn’t bear to cut in Protector of the Faith, even when my mentor warned me of the second. Just Could Not Do It.

Since my editor didn’t object they got to stay.

When your editor objects, you cut the bit and put it on your website.

May a wonderfully fun line come to you today.


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