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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Adjustment Time

I'm brooding. Actually, I'm sulking. I worked hard on the pages for the 4th Luna book last week (and am hoping to get 3 synopses done this weekend, all in varying stages of completion with book one being about 10 pages and 2 & 3 being about 3-4 pages). My mentor, the only one who read the pages says it has problems. Brood. Sulk.

Since Denver is icky with heat, it's a hot sweaty sulk that is even more miserable. I will, of course, FIX the d*** pages, ADD conflict and tension, cut to make the tension more, and add more description....but I don wanna do it. I'm tired, I'm hot, I'm sulky. And I can't find my glasses. I have an old pair on now.

I'm whiney.

I'm usually this way (except for the heat) when I've worked hard on the writing, want to GET IT OUT, and have to revise. I'd like to kick things except due to the heat, I'm barefoot. However, I think I'm sulking a bit longer about these pages than usual. I think I'll tackle the revisions tomorrow afternoon, after I take a break.

Do I consider NOT fixing the pages. No.

Trust me, baby, you NEVER send anything less than your best out. The competition is too tough.

So, I guess I might eat breakfast, take a cool bath, tidy up the various areas where I might have left my glasses...then work more on the synopses.

May your writing day be smooth.


Blogger moonhart said...

"Trust me, baby, you NEVER send anything less than your best out."

Ahhhh. This is a quote for my inspiration board. As I slog through my rewrites (totally disgusted that I am not a faster writer/typist/creator) these are words that I need to carve into my grey matter.

Luckily, I have a friend who is good enough to remind me of this on a regular basis when I just want to throw my story out there. I don't wear a mantle of patience very well. It's too big, uncomfortable, and the color doesn't do a thing for my complexion.

But I don it anyway, knowing that down the line, I will have done this story and these characters...justice.

And isn't that the true job of a storyteller?


9:30 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Good for you, Moon! Yeah, revising can be a pain, and as I think about it, my characters need more work, so it will probably take me longer, too.

When I had a roomie, she didn't understand why I revised after an editor's request at a conference, she thought speed was more important. It's not.


10:43 AM  

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