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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blog Explorer

I lied. I tried to fix this blog this am with explorer. I had to download 7.3 beta and install it which took 3 reboots. Explorer still doesn't seem to be working correctly (i.e. loading pages with errors). It literally took up all my pre-job writing time and I'm not done yet. Cost of doing business, eh? But it looks fixed. I'll see what pics might have triggered the thing and see if I can add them back in. Or not.



Anonymous a reader said...

I got Explorer and I can see all the postings from the top of the page now. The dropping started, at least for me, when you put the photo of the beautiful horse; maybe it was a little too wide? Perhaps if you can make the red margins in both sides narrower the problem will happen less often. Anyway, up or down, it is fun to read your comments.
Looking forward to your next books, postings of excerts and/or cut scenes. These seem to complement the books. Love the maps too! Thanks again!

9:31 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, Reader, I wish I'd waited for your comment before I started working, it would have saved me time! I took off several pics and put them back on, the picture of Pooka is now much reduced.

Thanks, too, for reading the excerpts, etc. I DO need to get a couple of more up on my webpage.

I do something every month with the Worlds page, but last month and this it was/will be pics.


6:41 AM  

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