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Thursday, May 04, 2006


I admit that I wrote some pages on a new story last night, not related to the Heart books or the Luna books – not sure if it is a romance or not, but I think so. Anyway, I'd turned off my computer and went to brush my teeth and lines from the second scene came to me. I always have difficulty starting a scene without a couple of anchoring sentences in the beginning, even if I later change or delete those lines.

I knew it would take a while for the computer to load, and that I might get on and write for longer than I should (I know, I know, priorities, but I DO have a day job now).

So I just jotted the lines down in my wonderful journal (don't think I've gushed about my wonderful engagement/appointment/new age journal).

It felt good to write longhand.

Not only that, sometimes my handwriting is pretty and it was last night.
So maybe it's time I sit myself down at a table and chair with pen and paper and write. That's always good to refresh the brain, and something about the pen moving across paper can stimulate the senses and inspiration.

May information flow to you today.


Blogger Michele said...

I can't say anything good about my long hand - if anyone can read it, I consider it a small miracle! LOL

A blank page touches our imagination. If not that, then our obsessions - can't leave a blank page blank, a mark must be made, if only to doodle.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Intrigueing the differences in how we compose on keyboard vs. notebooks. I also love to write on a blank page. Growing up in Japan, one of my favorite things was hanging out in stationery shops. I often bought nothing, just looked at beautiful blank notebooks, lovely pens and other wonderful things. However, the downside is that my blank page quickly turns into a rabbits' warren of crossed-out words and detoured sentences and that's where I have to get onto the computer.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Michele, you're right about the blank page, and Beth, I've heard of those wonderful Japanese notebooks. I know JK Rowling still writes longhand, and Connie Willis, too.

If I do, I get AAs and BBs and insert here and all around the margins and new paragraphs in the corners and it's all so hard to read and exhausting to transcribe.

;) Robin

7:40 AM  

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