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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Research II

Research -- Cultural Differences

Getting my culture/setting right is important to me as a reader (and as a writer, too), and can draw the reader out of the story if it's wrong. For instance, the fire trucks in Denver are not red. They are white. As soon as someone mentions a red fire truck I know they didn't do their research...and one of the outlying counties has chartreuse trucks...

Getting the culture right is easier for those of us who write fantasy. As long as we stick with our worldbuilding rules, the reader should be satisfied. I tend to add a little bit to the world with each book.

It's harder for contemporary and historical writers. I've seen requests for slang usage, for geographical information, etc. on my writer's loops. That's a good place to start, but, naturally, always double check.

And the reason I thought of this today was because I bumped into someone. In Denver, when we bump into someone on the shuttle, we say "Excuse me." In London, on the underground it's "Sorry," and the last time I was in Paris, it was "Pardon," I think.

May you add a layer to your world today.


Blogger Michele said...

LOL, Robin.
I blog with a gent from England. In one of his posts he said he got "pissed with his Dad".
I sent him the usual "So sorry to hear you are on the outs with your Dad" type of thing.
He wrote a laughing reply back.
In England, getting "pissed" meant getting DRUNK!!!
Definitely a more pleasant interpretation!!
I find the differences so much fun.

Thanks for a fine post ,Robin!

7:54 AM  

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