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Monday, March 13, 2006

Tools 2

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I spent yesterday loading Wordperfect Office 12 onto my home machine, calling Corel to register (they have a screw up on their site), and making my toolbar, which includes the wonderful macro I modified, SAVETOE which will save on my hard drive and a flash drive, at the same time. It's the blue E on the toolbar.

Yes, this took me a long time, but I'm used to my buttons being a certain color and shape...for instance the expand and condense a master document (which I use quite a bit) have simply awful icons so I made up the red and blue arrows.

I'm trying out a couple of new buttons to see how they'll work, if I use them, I'll keep them on my toolbar.

Of course, this is efficiency. I've got my keyboard set, too. The less you have to think about formatting, the more your mind is freed up for your writing.

May you forget all about formatting today and write!


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