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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Presentation: Problem Solving for the Pantzer

Image hosted by Photobucket.comDefinition of Pantzer: A writer who sits down and lets the words flow (or bleed drop-by-drop) upon the paper/computer screen. Not planning, plotting ahead of time. One who writes out of sequence…

My presentation at Colorado Romance Writers went pretty well yesterday. The only problem I had was that they made me feel so welcome I rambled with stories more than occasionally. ;) I'll definitely have to keep to the straight and narrow if this seminar is chosen by Romance Writers of America in their line up.

I use notecards and had 4 subdivisions:
Put it in Order: How to organize your paper and computer files
Plotting Predicament: How to do it when you have to
Procedures for breaking the “blahs”, rut and/or block
Pinch of Motivation: Keep Writing!

GOODIES for seminar attendees include: Cheryl Richardson Self-Care Card to choose, Sacred Circle Tarot Card to choose, if they want (both work into the lecture and I usually have goodies).

So that's a weight off my mind and I don't need to worry about any presentations until I hear about nationals and I'm GLAD. And I have my notecards all done and my seminar bag put together (though I do want to modify a couple of the cards).

May other experiences in your life enrich your writing today.


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