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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Option Clause II -- Acceptance

"Acceptance" is a BIG deal.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is my reading and understanding of the contract. Do NOT rely solely upon it. Contact an agent or an attorney.

When you send in your manuscript to your editor and know it was received, it doesn't mean you can heave a sigh of relief. Your editor has to ACCEPT it. And EVERYTHING -- GETTING PAID, the running of time for the option book, is calculated from ACCEPTANCE. Sometimes contracts will include a time for ACCEPTANCE (i.e. 60/90 days after the receipt of the ms., the editor must ACCEPT it or request revisions) but sometimes the publishers WON'T include such language. This, of course, depends on how big an author you are and how much clout you have.

But, in the publishing world, if you have a schedule for your book, and it is in production (getting cover art, etc.), the natural time it takes to produce a book will force the Acceptance or Revision, should definitely be no more than 90 days, in my opinion.

So, what I'm dealing with now. Heart Quest is being read by my editor. My contract says an Option Book will be considered 30 days after I submit it, OR 60 days after Acceptance of Heart Quest, whichever is LATER. So I need to get in a proposal for 2 or 3 Heart books pretty soon to keep stuff in the pipeline and money coming in.

For example, say I send in a proposal for a book today (ROTFLMAO) and it reaches NY tomorrow, January 6, since my editor hasn't accepted the last manuscript, the 60 days would run. Perfect timing would be knowing when the acceptance would be and getting the proposal in a couple of days early.

So, as soon as I hear that Heart Quest is accepted, *I* should mail the option book and count 60 days from the time it arrives...

Hope that makes sense, if not, feel free to email me.
May all your work be acceptable today.


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