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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Writing = $$

Image hosted by Photobucket.com All right, I still don't have a good writing day discipline down. I HAVE been resting -- some, reading a lot, and thinking about various things, but I've gone 2 days without writing.

Living off of savings isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I have enough for several months, but knowing there is minimal income...and not being able to count on that income or know exactly when that income will hit, is giving me a hard time.

I SHOULD be able to concentrate on the writing and write more, but right now it isn't working out that way. I SHOULD be able to do my wordcount, and work on more than one series proposal, but that's not happening either.

I have a published friend who wrote some excellent books, but wanted to write the books of her heart which were historical fiction. She hasn't been published in a few years and hasn't been able to write because she got into that whole loop of trying to write for money and the market instead of what she really wanted to write and not writing at all. She's going back to school. She decided to separate writing = $$.

I, of course, am trying to do the opposite. I DO have faith in myself, in my work, but not getting that bi-weekly paycheck and cash flow in is tough. So I worry, then I don't write or use it as an excuse not to write and the $$ will definitely go down.

Simple fact of finances is that the sooner I finish this book, the sooner I'll get paid. But I do feel believe that our inner creative self is a child or childlike, and right now I have a stubborn one on my hands. So I'll sit down and grind out the pages and try all the techniques I advise others in this situation -- get out of the house and write somewhere else, skip to scenes I want to write, write on another book.

So here's believing that you and I will have a good writing day.


Blogger Crystal Jordan said...

Good luck! It would be really tragic for your loyal readers (like me) if you decided not to publish for a few years. Give that inner child a cookie. Maybe that'll help :-)

8:39 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks so much crystal! Your message really helped. I made up all the wordcounts this week today.

Thanks again,

11:18 PM  

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