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Thursday, January 12, 2006

January Website Update

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Well, the Website is updated...and for my contest it has copper windchimes (handmade), along with the true first few paragraphs of Sorceress of Faith. In the READS section, I have an excerpt that turned out to be later in the Chapter.

I'll be giving a presentation at Colorado Romance Writers on Saturday called Problem Solving for the Pantzer, some of it may be dry as I go into file organization. And I'm planning on attending Celebrate Romance this year (these should be in appearances on the Home page).

Free Your Artist this month deals with light: exercises, motivational quote and affirmation and I've changed the monthly ecards and divination site, as usual.

I've updated the Links page and Worlds under Sorceress of Faith has a new updated map of Lladrana (see tiny .jpg above) with information on the Circlet's islands and a name for the country south of Lladrana and a shared port city of Lladrana and Shud.

BTW, I DID manage to catch up with my wordcount for the week yesterday, so I feel good about that, but I really need to prepare for the presentation, so I'll be doing that after the wordcount today and tomorrow.

I think that's all. If you get stuck, you might try the artist excercises on Free Your Artist. Next month I'm thinking of putting something about Protector of the Flight up.

May your writing go smoothly today.


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