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Saturday, December 17, 2005


I've been writing slowly and some of the reason is the Setting. I had to find (and print out) the latest maps of Lladrana, Amee, and the Castle. Then take my characters THROUGH the castle and over Lladrana.

Now, I've learned from previous books and from my own reading that readers probably don't follow where the author's mind goes. Setting gets mixed up, even with maps. BUT, I have to know where I am, just in case a brilliant reader who has a perfect memory HAS followed me.

Also, just so I can get it straight in my head so I feel SOLID in my story. The more you're in your story, the more your writing reflects that. So I've been modifying my maps for Protector of the Flight as I did for Sorceress of Faith.

Originally it took me a long time to work out what the Marshalls' Castle looked like, especially the maze. Here's my pitiful drawing that I sent to Luna and they made into the map in the front of the books. I can now modify that drawing on my computer.

So get the choreography right in your head.
May all your character movement and writing be smooth today.

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Blogger Jeri said...

I love maps in books I read. I'm not good at figuring out orientation from verbal cues only, so having the graphic really helps, even for a castle, like in Guardian of Honor. I never truly understood what was going on in Lord of the Rings until I saw the map in the books.

7:41 PM  

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