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Monday, December 19, 2005

Almost As Good As Sex

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Why do we write? Because we have characters whispering in our ears. Because we have stories to tell. Because we have points to make. Yada, yada.

We write because when the story has you in its grip, when a scene is blowing through you so you are barely aware of reality, endorphins (whatever) dump into you and a writing high is almost as good as sex. Your task should-you-decide-to-accept-it is to ensure that your craft and technique are available when you're rockin so that your writing will nearly match what's flooding you. And hopefully, when your work is read, that it will sweep others away into another reality.

And qualifiers -- I don't care for qualifiers much: almost, barely, nearly, much. And I prefer not to use them, but writing, though exhilerating, ISN'T QUITE as good as sex; it's rare that what is in my head takes me over to such an extent that I'm not aware of the light through the window or the music playing; and I know that my writing will always fall short of my vision. No qualifier in the last sentence. I am a reader, and I have been swept away. And not at all oddly enough, my books can sweep me away...perhaps because I have an echo of the endorphins of writing what I am reading...and there are books that are more craft than pouring out on paper. I don't read those as often (ever maybe) because I've worked so hard on them.

Love to all and may it be almost as good as sex today.


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