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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hang on for the ride!

Sometimes the muse grips you and doesn't let you go until you write an inspired scene. This has usually happened to me in a BIG way in at least every book I've published, and makes me feel as if I'd taken a step to being a better writer. In HeartMate, there was an echoing dialogue back and forth between the hero and heroine during her Passage (a Passage is a mental, emotional and spiritual ordeal that has to do with finding, freeing and controlling psi power – Flair).

In Heart Thief, it was when I cut between the hero and heroine action scenes – he was returning to the place where he'd been abused as a child, and she was tracking a family member who was ready to destroy their home.

In Heart Duel it was when I did the unusal twist at the end – especially as Holm walks out of his father's office.

In Guardian of Honor, it was Alexa's climb up the mountain which was more lyrical than I'd ever expected, and the love scene, which was the same.

But the one most powerful for me, still, is in Heart Choice. I call it the ballroom scene. I knew Straif had issues with the ballroom, but when he described what actually happened in there, and what he did – that came out of nowhere for me and grabbed me by the throat and the hands and made me write it. I don't know that I will ever be able to read that scene and not react.

One of the reasons I write, hoping to be better technically, but also courting the muse who bestows such incredible gifts.

May you all have a scene rush through you.


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