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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Evils of Drink

I've been depressed lately (will tell you all when I come to grips with my situation, nothing deadly), and having problems sitting down to write. So I decided that I'd swig down a couple of fingers of dark rum (the only liquor I have) before I faced the blank page (dangling threads). I did. I've had that bottle for about 3 years (rum cake), and I knew it could be a Bad Idea and lead to Addiction, but I did it anyway.

After my eyes popped back in their sockets, I felt pretty good. But I forgot that the last time I drank anything more than a glass of wine was maybe at my Mom's birthday in February where I had 2 glasses of white wine at dinner...anyway, the liquor went straight to my head. Odd that. Obviously I've lost the tolerance my college days gave me...LOL....anyway, I DID feel much better – but sleepy. At 5:30 pm.

I DID start on the writing and the dialogue immediately veered in a different (character revealing) direction than I'd imagined...but you know, I drank too much. I did a little set up for one thing and a few lines later I forgot the Brilliant Idea...

Yup, drank too much. Couldn't have been more than a half an ounce, I used a little teacup, gol-darnit! Enough to make me Not Quite Here, but not enough for the Room Spins. Anyway, bottom line is that it might be a good idea when totally desperate, but not something I'm going to try again any time soon. And I'll have to use a lot less liquor. Good thing the bottle only is about 1/4 full...Also interesting that the characters became less inhibited too. And is that good or not?

So I suppose the point of this rambling post is that even in an Altered State, a person can write. And it might be good. Or it might be BEYOND trash. Yeah, I did about 4 pages then crashed. The pages came fast and (I hope) good, but not as many as would happen if I'd been sober (I'm SURE).

Don't try this at home. Or -- make sure you don't try this ANYWHERE but home.

Love, Robin
May you get all the inspiration you need outside of a bottle!


Blogger Michele said...

OH Wow, Guess you missed my post a few months back about the 13 reasons NEVER to drink with friends... The pictures were, by all accounts, halarious! BUT, they were true...only the "evils of drink" could have allowed those things to be done to those people. I love the guy with the cigarette butts stuck into his head by Miracle Whip.
So yea, do it at home if you have to.
Uninhibited writing can be good. But then...you'd be writing Sorceress of Erotica. Whoa.

Hope you're over your muse glitch.
And feel better soon! In all ways.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Well, I was hoping this column would be humerous...I think I'm suffering a bit from the seasonal disorder thing -- coming home from day job in the evening to full dark -- and I'm a night person -- still takes a toll.


10:26 AM  
Blogger Jeri said...

Nothing saps my writing energy more than a beer. Except maybe two beers.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

LOL! Good one, Jeri. Though I was at that desperate point in a book that I needed something a little euphoric. Tea just wasn't doing the job. Maybe something relaxing...


8:42 PM  

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