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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Ok, I slept in, then I had a call from my mentor and we brainstormed on the plot of one of the Heart series books (I'm at the end of my contract for these). So I'll want to get to it and write down my 2 pages of notes while it's fresh.

But since this is a daily blog, I have a committment to you who read it...even on Sunday after a holiday.

Brainstorming: That's when two or three or more writers get together to throw out ideas about a a book -- plot ideas usually, though character and motivation can come in, too.

IMPORTANT RULE FOR BRAINSTORMING: The person who is writing the book usually knows, in general, where the plot was going or enough about their characters to want some specific ideas -- within the confines of their story. So giving them "advice" that will change their story or not work with the characters they set up, does not help them and can leave them frustrated.

i.e. Someone finds a dead body. They WILL call the police. It doesn't help if you go on and on about how this person would run away and cover up the crime instead of calling the police. Take it as a given. They'll call the police, now what happens? How will they feel? How will they react? What will they do next?

Yes, I used a real instance. Yes, I have broken this rule to my shame.

May all your plot twists fall neatly into place today.

Gotta run!


Blogger moonhart said...

LOL! Oh well, Robin, you were trying to help with that brainstorming! And that is what happens when you get a bunch of creative people together. As we mature, we remember to "herd" our creativity in a direction that will help the author of the story.

FWIW, I think that brainstorming is my FAVORITE part of the writing process. It also tends to lead to backstory-- my OTHER favorite part of writing.

I just hate the actual writing. If the oral tradition were still the rage, I would be in pig's heaven.



1:32 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Ah, Terri, there are some storytelling programs out there...you could make a name for yourself...the next Garrison Kellior...


9:40 AM  

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